Planting / Sowing: February-August

Harvest: May-October

Salads are grown on our varied soils such as sands for early/new season production and deep peat moss for the height of summer cropping.

Our local climate favours salad production and we use our soils to our advantage, reducing the need to irrigate. All salads are sown into peat blocks and raised in glass houses before we receive at the farm to transplant out into the fields. We grow various varieties of iceberg, Romaine and Little Gem lettuce. The young plants are planted out in the fields using an automatic planter.

All early season crops are covered with fleece to protect them from the frost. The main season crop is covered with a mesh net to stop damage from pests. Once the crop is established we routinely inter row cultivate the salad crops with a robotic wedding machine, which removes the weeds from the Salads. We will start to harvest the salads in May and all salads are cut and packaged in the field using specialist rigs and then the crop is then returned to the farm for vacuum cooling, and distributed.