Planting / Sowing: March-June

Harvest: July-May

All our Leeks are grown in close proximity to our farm at Rainford, St.Helens. We begin to sow/plant Leeks in March on light sands and black mineral soils. We use both seeds sown directly into the soil and seed that are propagated in glass houses, and then transplanted out in the fields. All our Leek crops are sown/planted with liquid fertilizer beneath them.

This gives the young plants a great start and helps protect against wind blow on light sand soils. We grow various varieties of Leeks to suit customer’s needs; this includes trimmed, extra trimmed and full length Leeks. Our Leeks are selected for their size and colour, resistance to pest and disease and their suitability for the time of year when they are at their most vulnerable growth stages.  Some varieties prefer a slightly warmer growing climate whilst other varieties prefer colder conditions and will withstand hard frosts and snow, this means we can supply leeks throughout the British season

We also host national variety trials of new and developing varieties from major seed houses to help develop the next generation of Leek with the importance of lessoning our dependence on agrochemical. Leeks are slow growing and take a lot of nurturing to get to their full potential. The leeks are ready to harvest by July which are then harvested by hand; the staff then strips and trims the Leeks before they enter the harvesting rigs for washing, grading and packaging. The Leeks are packed in crates, nets or lined boxes ready to be transported back to the farm to be chilled before distributed.