Sow: mid Feb -June

Harvest: Mid-June – Mid May

We begin to sow Carrots in Mid-February, using our sand land in North Cheshire to produce our first carrots of the season. The light sands are ideal for the early crop as they cultivate easily and the soil temperature rises quickly. These carrots are sown onto beds and then covered in fleece or plastic to protect the crop and help speed up the growing process.

Second early’s and the beginning of the main crop season are also sown in North Cheshire and North Wales area. These crops are grown on black sand and silty loams, where irrigation is sometimes not available. We use a varied approach to establishing a carrot crop, mainly based on minimal cultivation passes, which include sub soiling/deep tillage then a Tillerstar or Bedformer. We believe a soil that has a good structure produces the best crops.

Main season and late crops are sown in Merseyside and Lancashire where we use our black sand and peat moss soils to our advantage. We also sow these on beds but we tighten the sowing bands, which enables us to “soil up” for winter field storage. This saves us using straw to protect the carrots from the frost; however we still cover a proportion of our carrots with black polythene and straw, this helps field storage ability and lengthens our seasons.

At present we use up to 10 varieties through our season. We are very keen on trying new varieties.

The carrots are harvested early in the mornings and transported back to our washing facilities. We use a top lifting harvester for new season crop, for main season we use an ASALIFT or DEWULF depending on the field conditions.

The washing process consists of removing loose soil and stones before being soaked in a barrel wash. All carrots are then polished, chilled, optical sorted and crown graded before entering the pack house.

All our crops are cared for by in house agronomy team.