Planting / Sowing March-July

Harvest: June-May

We grow a range of Brassicas which include Sweetheart Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Brussels Sprout, Green Kale, Calvero Nero, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Broccoli. (tenderstem and belvarde) We begin to plant, transplant seedlings in March which are raised over winter in glass houses. All Brassica crops are covered with fleece to protect young plants from the frost and to speed up the growing process.

Every week we plant a batch of crop then we can keep a consistent supply when harvesting begins. All brassicas are sown at different densities to produce the correct head size or coverage. The first crop to come ready is the sweetheart cabbage in June as this is early maturing. The cabbage and leafy brassicas are harvested using a tractor rig and trailer, these are all fitted with driverless systems to improve efficiency.

The Brussels Sprouts are either cut for stalks or machine harvested in the field. We grow different varieties in different soil types and times in the season. We set aside an plot a year were we experiment new crop types and varieties. The Brassicas are mainly packaged and boxed in the field, although Brussel Sprouts and the Broccoli are taken to the pack house for pre packing.